A visit from above that went 10 days

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r A visit from above that went 10 days

Post by mnet on Tue Dec 14, 2010 6:23 am

I recenetly had many visist from above and was in a remote area of NSW australia near some very high Radio towers belonging to the government CSIORO towers..I was scared and my daughter was with me , it was if we were in a time warp and all revelations were told to me about our existence, The musicians were a primary source for telling of love and peace and the struglle of the second coming.. Also world Politics. Never before had I experienced clear telepathic communcations..My car was messed with we broke down in the middle of nowhere and got stuck in some mud the rian kept coming..our music was played with and also we spent the night in out black car the night rider we call it and 2 horses came by to look fater us..I could not use my phone and my car cut out we could not go anywhere..the 2 houorses one white and one black licked our car and talked to us..( not in english) like amnimal whisp[ering..I received messages for dyas about the world about the beginning of time and also about the Next generation...I was scared anfd still am scared..I have all of this truth and nam not sure who visisted me and is still visiting me..My daughter 5 was a littkle scared but embraced the expereicned and starting saying strange things about life..and our future..I thought I am a little phychic but this information included many things such as precidents..The natural world and its sufferring why the 11 towers came down..the controversy and dnagers on our world, the key elements to overcoming these and more..I am still scraed as am not sure why I was given these nessages or who/what gave them me..I know I have alays dreamed/astrotravelled and also been a higher intelligence in life..But I was scared and we were very alone with no help also, and am quote sane..The rain never stopped, I thought I brought it down from crying so much at the stories through time and about Jesus and what happened, I prayed the our father all the time to protect us ...I am still being contacted..and am not sure why..I am trying to find people to talk to about this..am working on some books to be pucblished from the last 20 years of my writing and also recently my global executive life at a fortune 500 compnay..I am hoping it will come to me the coincidences I have seen as I saw so many links it appears world order was the main message..for the millineum

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